I’m defective? No, you’re defective!

We often hear of the concept of a “defective product” being something that physically breaks or malfunctions.  And, as a parent who just survived another Christmas filled with plenty of plastic horse pucky, I could certainly provide several recent examples of just this type of defect in many different products.

But in Ohio, as in many states, any product can be defective in one or multiple ways.  As an example, think of a riding lawn mower that rolls over and injures the driver.  It may be that something happened while this particular mower was being manufactured at the factory causing it roll.  This type of manufacturing defect is usually confined to one part coming off the line wrong.  This same mower may also be defectively designed.  That is, the way all the mowers were designed and created by the company creates a danger of rollover.  What’s more, if the company should have known their mower would rollover, the product can also be defective if there is not an adequate warning about the risks and dangers of their mower.

Let’s hope Santa invests in some good R&D between now and December.

Can you spot all the defects in this photo?

10 thoughts on “I’m defective? No, you’re defective!

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