Better, stronger, faster

And so, after much anticipation and gnashing of teeth, Apple released the latest iteration of the iPad this week, as had been surmised.  The new iPad offers many new improvements that will no doubt appeal to lawyers of all stripes.

But first, I should mention something the new iPad left off: a clear name.  The name of the new iPad is – wait for it – “the new iPad”.  Apple did not go with iPad 3 (to follow the iPad 2) or even iPad HD, as had been rumored.  A couple thoughts on this:

1. I suspect Apple was hoping to avoid confusion if it were called “iPad 3” but had “4G” connectivity, and simply side-stepped the issue.

2. Using simply the product name is already the convention Apple uses for its computers (remember those?).  The new iMac is always called an iMac, nothing more, nothing less.  There is something to be said for simplicity.

3.  If avoiding confusion was the goal, changing strategy mid-stream may have the opposite effect.

In any event, the new iPad offers more of everything that made it good in the first place: a better screen, faster processor, better camera, and faster wireless, all at the same price as iPad 2.  What’s not to like?  True, it is a smidge thicker and heavier, but hardly noticeable or a major drawback.

As Abraham Lincoln would have said, if this is the kind of thing you like, you are going to like this kind of a thing even more.

2 thoughts on “Better, stronger, faster

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