Yea, but the benefits make it worth it

Having a job is a good thing, let’s be honest.  Not getting hurt or killed on the job is even better.

Look out below!

In Ohio, though, if your employer is at fault for injuring you, you cannot make a claim against them.  Even if they could and should have prevented it.  Even if they knew you were going to get hurt and did nothing to stop it.  Thanks to the Ohio Supreme Court, unless your employer got up that morning and was specifically out to get you that day, they are not responsible for your medical bills, loss of a limb, or any damages, even if a death results.

What does this mean to you:

Someone injured or killed on the job is not always left out in the cold. If a person or company other than your employer was at fault – such as a sub-contractor doing work at an industrial job site or construction site, the manufacturer of a defective product, or any other third party – they may be entitled to make a claim, even though the injury happened while on the job.  A major part of any case brought by a lawyer or law firm is investigating all potentially-liable parties.  Workers comp may also be available, but by no means makes the person whole.

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