Peel back the layers of the union

Union membership has dropped off dramatically, both in Ohio and around the country.  But, a recent piece in the TImes suggests, not only that middle-class prosperity is directly tied to union membership, but also that there should be a constitutional right to unionize.  After all, fictitious persons called corporations band together all the time to advance their own interests.  Shouldn’t actual people be able to do the same?

Fight the power.

Contrast this view with the so-called “right to work” movement in Ohio, or as some have referred to it, and as it will heretofore be known as on FSBD, the “right to work for nothing.”

But, “geez,” you say (because that is how you talk).  “It’s the RIGHT to work.  They’re giving you a right – they’re not taking anything away!  How could anyone be against the right to work?  I want to have the right to work.”  First of all, as we’ve already established, it’s the right to work for nothing.  Let’s get that straight.  Second, this is nothing more than framing an issue at its finest.  In political framing, black is white, cats are dogs, and the right to work for nothing counts as a right to work.

What does this mean to you:

Like SB5 before it, “right to work for nothing” is a transparent attempt to strip union membership even further and de-fund the labor movement.  Union members and union supporters should have a short memory when this issue eventually surfaces in Ohio.

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