It’s powered by lasers

If you end up collecting and storing business cards, and if you have an iPhone (though there really should be no “if” about it), you have to check out the app WorldCard Mobile.  Take photo of a business card, and it extracts the data from the card and puts it into your contacts.  I find I am using it more and more these days in my business.  No more Rolodex, no more stacks of cards.

And on the topic of iPhone, rumors abound about the next generation of the Jesus Phone, but, as always with Apple, there are more questions than answers at this point.  Will it be unveiled in June or October?  Will it move up to a 4 in screen?  Will it look like one of these gorgeous concepts?  Will it be called iPhone 5 with 4G, or avoid the naming controversy like with “the new iPad?”  Stay tuned.

What does this mean to you:

Buy WorldCard Mobile now.  Wait until later this year to buy the new iPhone, whatever it ends up being called.

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