So that’s why that happened

FSBD has discussed some of the rulings of the Ohio Supreme Court – including those that  stated products are never defective after 10 years, or limiting the amounts juries can give against the worst of the worst, or providing excuses for drivers who break the law and kill other drivers.  These rulings seem to defy common sense.  Why do they come out this way?


There has been a rash of articles recently focusing on the impact of campaign contributions to Judges, especially in Ohio.  Massive amounts of corporate money have been flowing in to judicial elections over the last decade.  No surprise, then, that state supreme court decisions tend to favor insurance companies and corporations over individuals.  You may have even see that two of the Justices on the Ohio Supreme Court are currently in hot water over campaign contributions they received at the same time they were hearing a case involving the contributors.

What does this mean to you:

Take the time to learn about judicial races.  Talk to your lawyer about what the candidates for judge stand for.  The decisions they make truly do affect all of us.


I just saw this story today about a supreme court race in Illinois.  Perhaps it is time to embrace public financing for judicial campaigns.

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