iPad apps for Lawyers

Here’s a handy list of the ten iPad apps I use in my law practice on a daily basis:

1.  Dropbox – keep all your files in sync where ever you are.  No more wondering which version of a document you have.

2.  QucikOffice – create and edit Word and Excel documents on your iPad.

3. Notability – take notes in text or freehand, and sync them with Dropbox.

4. Keynote – Apple’s (far superior) version of PowerPoint.

5. Exhibit A – Non-linear trial presentation app that allows you to manipulate images and documents on screen.

6. LogMeIn – Remote desktop app.  Forget to bring a particular document with you?  Forget about it!

7. Good Reader – View and edit PDF documents.  Good for depo outlines.

8. Form Tools – Create text boxes on PDF’s, such as a client intake sheet or medical release.

9. Print n Share – print wirelessly from your iPad.

10. Facebook – make new contacts, investigate opposing parties, and make sure your client is on the up and up.

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