Naughty nanny

Nannies are supposed to be stern caregivers, often with obnoxious nasal accents, who, at a minimum, keep children alive.  The Nap Nanny, on the other hand, is a molded foam bed that is supposed to help babies sleep.  Unfortunately, it has also been linked to at least 5 deaths, among other incidents, where babies are found hanging over the side.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of the Nap Nanny today, made by Baby Matters, for these reasons.  The recall affects over 150,000 Nap Nannies already sold.

piggy back ride

What does this mean to you:

Check to see if the unit is part of the recall and contact the store where it was purchased, or call to find out more.

And another thing about that Instagram…

The Facebook world was aghast this week when Instagram changed its Terms and Conditions so it could claim ownership of photos posted there.  What was also changed, but not as well known, was the requirement for mandatory arbitration of any disputes with Instagram.  Thanks to the Pop Tort for pointing out this equally clandestine yet more nefarious change!


What does this mean to you:

Always read the fine print.  Forced arbitration means you cannot file a lawsuit if they treat you unfairly.  You cannot have a jury of your peers hear your case and decide what is right.  You “agree” to have any disputes decided by an arbitrator, who sees the company in arbitration all the time.  There is usually no appeal from an arbitration decision – you must live with whatever the arbitrator decides.


It’s the most dangerous time of the year – sing it with me!

The opportunity for household fires seems to increase around the holidays, whether it be candles, electric lights in the tree, or even the yule log.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission has posted a handy 12 point safety checklist to address some of these risks.

broken ornament

What does this mean to you:

The frivolity (read: alcohol) of the holidays can easily lead us to lower our guard.  Take two seconds and look at the above list so you are at least aware of the potential issues.  And as always, be safe, use common sense, and have a great holiday.

Big Tobacco and Big UV

Aside from causing cancer and making you look brown, it appears tobacco now shares yet another undesirable trait with tanning beds: deceptive marketing techniques.

solarium treatment

An industry trade group has now produced a video for employees of tanning “salons” so they can extoll the virtues of getting more vitamin D through tanning.  Which is, you know, like good for you and stuff.  Recall that medical doctors used to recommend particular brands of cigarettes as well.

What does this mean to you:

Though its often hard to know the difference between a “trade association” and an “industry front group,” remember that the source, motivation, and funding behind a message are often as important as the message itself.


Tis the season

I saw this list recently – the top 10 most dangerous toys of all time.  Some of the toys on the list are downright jaw-droppingly dangerous and would make Irving Mainway proud.  Take, for example, the CSI fingerprint kit made with asbestos dust, made as recently as 2007(!)  Others, like the Hannah Montana card game laced with lead, are not as obvious.

child gun

What does this mean to you:

Always fill out and return the warranty cards that come with children’s products so you know when a recall happens and you can be up to date with the most current information.


Injured workers in Ohio dealt a legal blow

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled today that if an employer removes a safety device, like guard on a press, and someone is injured while working there, like losing losing their fingers or hand, they cannot hold their boss responsible for their injuries unless they PROVE that their boss meant to hurt them.

Yellow hardhat

The idea in someone’s head and what they were intending to do is an extremely difficult, if not impossible, thing to prove.  Today’s ruling is an unfortunate extension of an earlier decision from the Court.

What does this mean to you:

Someone injured or killed on the job is not always left out in the cold. If a person or company other than your employer was at fault – such as a sub-contractor doing work at an industrial job site or construction site, the manufacturer of a defective product, or any other third party – they may be entitled to make a claim, even though the injury happened while on the job.  A major part of any case brought by a lawyer or law firm is investigating all potentially-liable parties.  Workers comp may also be available, but by no means makes the person whole.


I thought there were supposed to be drugs in my glass


Be advised the Ranbaxy and the FDA have recalled the generic form of the cholesterol drug Lipitor, called atorvastatin, because they found glass particles in the drug.

What does this mean to you:

Obviously, people should stop taking this drug and call their doctor.