The dangers of drop-sides

Drop-side cribs have been outlawed in the US since June 2011.  Infants’ heads can become trapped in the gaps around the drop-side.  While no new drop-side cribs are being made, plenty are still in use around the country.


A recall was issued this week for drop-side cribs made by PT Domusindo Perdana.  The cribs were sold at JC Penney from January 1998 through December 2008.  The drop-side can detach or fall off, causing a fall hazard.

What does this mean to you:

You can learn more about the recall here.  If you have one of these cribs, or any drop-side crib, contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The joke is on us

The US Chamber of Commerce says it lobbies for “pro-business” laws and policies on behalf of all businesses, large and small.  What it doesn’t say is that more than half of its funding comes from just 16 mega-corporations.



This is just one of the Top Ten ways the US Chamber of Commerce hurts America outlined in a new report, and yet another reason many prominent companies, like Apple, have severed their ties to the Chamber.

What does this mean to you:

The next time you hear about an idea that is claimed to be “pro-business,” consider the source.  It may just be pushed by someone like the Chamber that has an interest in maximizing profit at the expense of human well-being.


What did he know and when did he know it?

People’s knowledge of prior results matters.  If your child builds a tree house 10 times and it collapsed violently each time, but still sends his sibling up into to the tree house, those prior results are important to figuring out what is the appropriate response for your child, love him though you may.



box head


Why, then, are lawmakers in Arizona considering a law that would allow manufacturers there to keep prior results secret?  If the maker of a product, take a lawn mower, for example, knows that it’s mower continues to injure people in its tests, but sells it anyway, isn’t that something that would be good to at least consider?

What does this mean to you:

Lawmakers around the county, including Ohio, continue passing laws to protect their corporate backers usually under the guise of making their state “business friendly.”  Since when did “business friendly” mean “anti-people?”