The confusion that is car seats

Forward-facing or rear-facing?  Car seat or booster seat?  Is it age 8 or 80 lbs. when you can take your child out of a car seat?  Or is it age 8 and 80 lbs.?  Well-meaning parents can often be confused by the various, and ever-changing car seat standards.

Adorable Baby Yawning

What does this mean to you:

For an up to date summary of Ohio law regarding car seat, check out this article –  Ohio’s New Car Seat Standards – I recently wrote for the Ohio State Bar Association’s Ohio Lawyer Magazine.

Shhh! We’d like to keep our fraud secret!

So, Über and Lyft want to keep their insurance policies secret, which raises a lot of questions in my mind.  Like, what are they hiding?  And specifically, what is covered by the policy?  Is it only the driver, or are the passengers covered too?  Seems like we should be allowed to know the answers.



Interestingly, the companies are required to carry uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage – insurance that protects you when you are not at fault.  But, there is no requirement that the rest of us buy uninsured motorists coverage, and there is no requirement that your agent offer or even explain it to you.   Its important enough to require it for those services, but not for everyone else.  Hmmm.

What does this mean to you:

Go now and find out how much uninsured motorists coverage you carry on your insurance policy.  We will wait for you here.  Yes, its that important.  Go on.

Do you have uninsured motorists coverage in your auto policy?  Do you also have it in your umbrella policy?  What are the limits?  Considering that almost 15% of drivers carry no insurance and many more do not carry enough insurance, do you have high enough limits?