Big Tobacco and Big UV

Aside from causing cancer and making you look brown, it appears tobacco now shares yet another undesirable trait with tanning beds: deceptive marketing techniques.

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An industry trade group has now produced a video for employees of tanning “salons” so they can extoll the virtues of getting more vitamin D through tanning. ¬†Which is, you know, like good for you and stuff. ¬†Recall that medical doctors used to recommend particular brands of cigarettes as well.

What does this mean to you:

Though its often hard to know the difference between a “trade association” and an “industry front group,” remember that the source, motivation, and funding behind a message are often as important as the message itself.


I thought there were supposed to be drugs in my glass


Be advised the Ranbaxy and the FDA have recalled the generic form of the cholesterol drug Lipitor, called atorvastatin, because they found glass particles in the drug.

What does this mean to you:

Obviously, people should stop taking this drug and call their doctor.